Monoblock M14


Cleverly simple, perfectly practical

M14 Events: striking, practical, attractive

The M14 counter is the result of an elaborate design process that achieved its goal of creating the most practical and attractive counter for events.

Built in one piece, without hinges or joints, it is the pinnacle of sturdiness, cleanliness and durability. Its fibreglass structure and technological features optimise its mechanical properties, allowing for shock absorption without loss of shape or breakage. It has been specially developed for ease of storage, transport and handling. Counters can be stacked in practical 25-unit crates.

Entirely rustproof and resistant to detergents and solvents, it boasts modern lines, bright vivid colours and light reflection, guaranteeing a striking appearance throughout its long lifespan.

  1. Features

    + Maximum advertising space
    + Easy stacking, minimal storage space
    + Lightweight, sturdy, stable and easy to clean
    + Modern lines, bright and vivid colours
    + Maximum durability, long lifespan
    + Modular crate for 25 counters

    + Attachment-bin
    + Attachment-tray

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