Plegable P14


P14, the new Asfri folding counter.

Our counters are made from reinforced fibreglass polyester finished in colourful and light-reflecting high-resistance paint.

The use of fibreglass and cutting-edge technology makes our counters stand out in the market thanks to a host of competitive advantages: entirely rustproof, lightweight, attractive, easy to transport and handle, shock-resistant, easy to clean, and optimum advertising space.

They are highly-durable and damage-resistant counters designed for intensive use.

It consists of two side sections, a front and a bar-counter, each of which can be bought separately, meaning that any damaged parts can be replaced quickly and easily.

  1. Features

    + Optimum advertising space
    + Lightweight, sturdy, stable and easy to clean
    + Durable joint mechanism
    + Modern lines, bright and vivid colours
    Long lifespan

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