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venta Barra Eventos larga valencia


Asfri's compact event bar

Cleverly simple, simply practical

With this model the objective was to manufacture the most practical and attractive counter possible for Events.


Built in a single piece, without welds or mechanical joints, it is the maximum exponent in robustness, cleanliness and durability. Being made of fiberglass, it absorbs shocks without deforming or breaking.

Its design facilitates storage, transport and manageability. It is coupled in stackable cages of 25 units.

Completely stainless and immune to detergents or solvents. It presents modern lines and vivid, bright colors with great stability to light, which will maintain its attractiveness during its long useful life.


Maximum Advertising Space

Easy Stacking

Light, Robust, Stable and Easy to Clean

Modern Line

Bright, Vivid and Striking Colors

Maximum Durability, Long Lifetime

Storage in Cage of 25 Counters

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